The Secret of Love That Lasts

How conscious we are of our once-in-a-lifetime wedding, we discuss with wedding planners for months just for one day. But with those with whom we are going to spend our whole life, do we have any planning? But now, it is easy because you can plan the feelings, needs, habits and lifestyles, you develop in your journey throughout your life. Expert counselors prepare you emotionally and practically for a stronger relationship with your partner. Where you can give a new direction to your relationship with good communication and behaviour.

They prepare you to discuss many issues for a better future like finances, family issues, religious beliefs, customs, personal beliefs, and thoughts about children. By discussing many such issues, you can understand the problems that will occur in the future and bring their solutions. Emotional-focused therapy aims to improve the attachment and bond between you and your partner, leading to better communication and a stronger relationship.

Counselors often conduct individual counseling to understand how serious and committed you are to each other. How you feel about one another and what you expect from your relationship. These questionnaires can help your counselor identify your strength, weaknesses, and compatibilities.

Post-marriage counseling is about solving many matters like communication, trust issues,  infidelity, conflicts, sexual difficulties, financial stress and many more .counseling helps couples work through emotional barriers, rebuild trust and reconnect emotionally and physically which can lead to increased intimacy and closeness.

  14th July, 2023